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I have some locally stored pages I need to load up often. The path to them now is quite long
(file:///c:/documents and settings/......). I know I could create a bookmark to the parent folders and possibly use Windows subst to create a drive letter for the folders but I am wondering if FF can either use a Windows environment variable ie %homepath% or if there is some type of shorthand notation to point to the FF or user profile folders?


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Try using the keyword field in the bookmark properties.


location = file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Jack/My Documents/
keyword = docs
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firefox cant not use variables in bookmarks, no way.

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what about a nicer way to reference a long path in the address bar or home page setting


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Set up a "web page" (that you store in some short path ;-)) that is a menu to your (most, at least) long path URIs.
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Using hardlinks, OP could have "file:///C:\mypages\page37.html" point to anywhere on his C: disk. Since it appears Windows XP is being used, the "fsutil" command could be used to create those links.

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