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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:30 pm

it looks good and though i realize the point of putting thunderbird etc.. etc.. down lower than the main featured programs they are just way too far down there for my taste

maybe they could be moved up a bit there like 5 miles down lol
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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:31 pm

bsmedberg: I don't particularly like the dinosaur either, but they way they've done it overthere (on a silverish rounded rectangle) it actually looks pretty cool! So as far as I am concerned, it can definately stay :).



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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:32 pm

Flexer: Thanks for the debugging. The first one is sort of a known issue. I'm going to see if I can fix it. The second and third ones, this is just some leftover code on the homepage. For testing, try to debug content on any other page but the homepage. Everything below the menu on the homepage is going to be replaced in the near future. Thanks again, your screenshots are particularly helpful.
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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:33 pm

Raiken, I take it you're looking at the front page. Basically only the masthead on that page has been updated so far. Take a look at the beta Products page; they're probably going to give Thunderbird the attention it deserves.


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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:33 pm

the new design is really neat so far!

One thing though : you should place the word 'free' somewhere in the description of each product, something like 'download it for free', cause there is no clear indication for the open-source-unaware IE user that FF, TB or Moz are really free. The only clear informations about money are "support the project" or "order a CD" ...

some pages are not well styled : e.g. ... arted.html the header is underlined/dotted or ... vangelism/ has no side menu and the top links hover with a yellow outline.
I don't know if some pages are meant to stay with an old layout, like the Mozilla 1.5 FAQ (or maybe the link should be removed, as the 1.5 release was a long time ago)
when you look at and the second one has a double outline for important part, while the first one has only a simple outline.

and i found that : <p class="important"><font color="red"><blink>WARNING!</blink></font> in the 1.7 start page, it's strange to see blink and font elements on the Mozilla website ;)

Last thing, I don't know if it has been said already, but on the home page, th elink to TB should be like the one to Mozilla and FF

I hope my english wasn't too bad ;)

- Beleg

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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:39 pm

Not sure if this is within the scope of the redesign, but lots of the pages have templates which don't make much sense. For example, the releases page (linked from "release notes" and "other systems" on the main product page) has the developers template, so people looking for a build for a different system end up on a page offering links to LXR and the ftp folder for nightly builds.

Also, when hovering over the dino Mozilla logo (someone already raised the "too many logos" point), I get a thin line appearing across the left margin.

The navigation is totally broken in Netscape 4.x (it all appears overlapping) - there's no reason to make it look nice in NS4, but it should at least be readable. A little more CSS hiding required I guess.
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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:40 pm

i love that products page its great thank you for the link yes that does give thunderbird a good spot heh, and even though this is probably something i shouldn't do i would guess i would like to get peoples opinions on the bug i submitted i want to know if its a completely stupid idea or what; if its not too stupid maybe someone could enhance the idea with some ideas of their own

sorry about going off topic, but im sorta curious to find out if my first ever bug report is a complete washout its an enhancement one so its not about a problem Thanks in advance for looking at it even if you end up thinking its a dumb idea and tell me so lol
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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:46 pm

Like Raiken, I didn't get it when it said "The home page has not been updated for the new design yet." I assumed it was talking about the homepage. I think this was because clearly the header HAS been updated and the colors are all different.

Maybe it should just say "this page has not been updated yet, except the header".


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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:57 pm

Looks good, my only comment would be that the left and right margins are way too big, I like my web pages to use the full width of my browser so I can fit as much on the screen as possible.



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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 12:58 pm

I've noticed some more things:
  • The secondary navigation on the Calendar project pages (which don't use the Developer section navigation; this includes the Sunbird page) is moved over to the left too much. You might want to ask the project owners to start using the style of the sitewide navigation bar once this beta becomes final. (They didn't using the Developer section navigation in the first place because they thought it took up too much space.)
  • The Mozilla logo/wordmark's link is too small IMHO. The link should extend to the bottom of the masthead, to make it easier to click. [1]
  • The Why Firefox document is quite mangled now.
  • No offense, but at least on my screen, the CD icon on the product pages looks like one of those powder-covered doughnuts. Maybe I'm just a little hungry...
  • The text on the Download Firefox page wraps around the secondary navigation bar, instead of maintaining a straight left margin.
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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 1:05 pm

Nicely done.

Like beleg said, there's no clear indication that Mozilla products are free, have no adware or spyware, and are "open-source". Explaining all this on every product page is probably overkill. A "Firefox is free. Learn more..." link to a generic, Mozilla Foundation page explaining the freeness, cleanliness, non-profit, and open-sourceness of everything Mozilla would be great for new users. This is more a content issue than design, but something to keep in mind.

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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 1:14 pm

Thank you for fixing the highly inconsistent link colors in the previous design. The blue links are great. I'd rather the purple had a bit more punch--I keep confusing it for black, especially on the non-white backgrounds--but I'm glad to have visited links that are noticable.

Download now and get the CD are much clearer. It'd be nice if the down arrow and cd graphics were clickable. The link for download on the firefox and thunderbird pages should not be the Download Now header itself, but instead should be on the platform name like the Mozilla page.

The tabs seem broken on the sitemap page. There's %DIR_DEPTH% in the URLs.

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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 1:40 pm

Very nice design. I think I love it all. I'm waiting to see a redesigned first page. Just one point tho:

O Screenshots, where art you? (On the products page.)

Great to autodetect the browser and OS. Now I can send the link to the product page to my family and not a direct link. Maybe could use an autodetect best mirror too, you gotta love those. Nice to see that torrents are coming too in the future. ;)

PS. Couldn't figure out where the download link, on the products page, to the other OS' were first. But that's probably cause I'm tired and only focused on the green box. :P DS.


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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 2:05 pm

  • there needs to be a clearer separation between "The Latest From Mozilla" and the "Technology Previews"

  • and...
    andy2kuk wrote:- News & Shop needs to be moved off the front page. The front page should be about getting people to download the products, not getting them to donate etc.

    - It is my belief that the main content area of the web page should be a short text about each product, along with the icon and a link to the product page. (The mozilla section on that page is the best one) The product page should heavily 'sell' the product, as well as giving download links and further information (extensions, themes, etc.)

    I kinda agree. In fact the "Products" page would be a better "home" page for the whole site IMO.

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Post Posted August 20th, 2004, 2:17 pm

Very nicely done - this should improve both the general appearance and the navigability of the site.

Some recommendations and commments:

1. What is Mozilla?

There needs to be a brief explanation for the first time visitor as to what Mozilla is and why they need it. This may seem obvious, but outside the the Mozilla community many people don't even have clue.

2. Navigation tabs.

I like them, but it's not obvious from looking at the tabs exactly which tab is "active." The current tab needs to be highlighted or otherwise made "obvious at a glance" in some way.

3. Return to home page.

Once I select a tab, none of the tabs seem to get me back to where I started. How about adding a "Home" tab?

4. Downloads. Free.

I agree with the previous comments on this. Make it obvious to even the most clueless newbie: Where to get downloads. They're FREE!

All the above aside - this looks really good. Looking forward to seeing the change implemented.

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