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Please note that in addition to this <a href="">general</a> forum, we have forums here for <a href="">builds</a>, <a href="">features</a>, and <a href="">bugs</a>.

You can also find discussion of <a href="">themes</a> and <a href="">extensions</a> (though these two forums cover Firebird, Thunderbird and Mozilla.)

Please try to keep the forums on-topic by posting your comments to the appropriate forum. Thanks.

Read the FAQ - Read the FAQ - Read the FAQ
David Tenser, a very active Mozilla Firebird contributor at mozillaZine, his Firebird Help site, and Bugzilla, has been constructing a great FAQ. If you're about to post a question to these Mozilla Firebird forums there's a very good chance that your question has already been asked and answered at the FAQ so go read it. Thanks.

David Tenser's <a href="">Mozilla Firebird Help</a> site and the fabulous <a href="">Mozilla Firebird FAQ</a>.

And please search before you post. If you've got a question or a comment that's not about a change in Mozilla Firebird from the last day or two, then there's a very good chance that it's already been asked, answered or noted so use the search, luke, and avoid asking questions that have already been answered.


Forum Rules

These forums have the following <a href="">moderators</a>: asa, djst, Hendikins and jasonb. <a href="">Firebird developers</a> and the <a href="">mZ staff</a> can also moderate, but they will most probably not have time for it.

Things the moderators will be doing to help keep the forums usable:
1. Moving posts to more topical forums where appropriate.
2. Editing (yes) or removing posts by trolls.
3. providing occasional updates on the workings of these forums.
4. working with mozillaZine staff to see that we have what we need to facilitate great Firebird discussions.

General forum rules, to keep the forums usable:
1. Keep your posts on topic. We have several Mozilla Firebird forums, please think about which one your post belongs in before making that post.
2. Don't troll and don't feed the trolls (along with my commitments for 2. we should be cool here).
3. Don't use images in your signatures. It makes the forum discussions a lot more difficult to read and it slows the whole thing down.
4. Don't use animated images for your avatars. It's just plain obnoxious.


Hey, where did my topic go?

If you are looking for a topic in the Mozilla Firebird forums that you opened, and you don't see it, there are a few reasons why you might not be able to find it:

1. A moderator moved it. Go look in the other Mozilla Firebird forums and see if it's been moved. If you don't see your topic in one of the other Mozilla Firebird forums then maybe it was moved to one of the non-Mozilla Firebird forums. If your post has been moved then you should pay more attention when posting topics to make sure they're topical to the forum where you're posting.

2. It may have simply slipped off the first page of topics. In the lower right corner of the topic list, there are links to additional pages of topics and a textbox you can use to search the forums for your topic.

3. A moderator moved it to the <a href="">Locked Posts</a> forum. Flames and trolls will get this treatment. If your post was deleted and you've got a problem with that then PM me and we can talk.

We can all work together to keep this forum useful and fun. It's not our intention to be overly involved in the managing of these forums (I'd rather spend my time participating in discussions). Thanks for your help and feel free to comment in this thread.
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