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Do you want thunderbird?

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Post Posted November 5th, 2002, 3:51 pm

when will we see thunderbird? I am really looking foward to the first release of thunderbird.
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Thunderbird. Please.

I can't stand Outlook Express. I grew up used to Netscape's e-mail client, and I absolutely hate Outlook Express's newsreader and how it has a Send/Recieve button. Opera's e-mail client sucks because it can't do SMTP authentication, and Opera's newsreader sucks because, well, it just does

Post a nightly build. Something. Anything

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I too am tired of Outlook Express which does poorly in word wrapping the original message for a reply or forwarded message. Hope that Thunderbird or Minotaur come soon. For now, my solution is to use Mozilla 1.1 with the spell checker also downloaded. The spell checker does not work with Mozilla 1.2 (a or b). Mozilla 1.2b also seemed slightly sluggish when composing. There was a just noticeable lag between the keystroke and the appearance of the letter. Mozilla 1.1 seems fine, but it is odd to have to have most of the suite just to have an email program. My browser preference is definitely to Phoenix over Moz 1.1. Another vote for Thnderbird.
-- Denro

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I was greatly saddened to read a post on the old forum that said that plans for Thunderbird until after Phoenix reaches 1.0. I hope this is reconsidered as I want to see Thunderbird as soon as possible.

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Yes I too would like to ditch Outlook express for thunderbird. VERY much so.
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Post Posted November 5th, 2002, 8:54 pm

While you are waiting for Thunderbird, check out another mythological flying critter: Pegasus.

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I second Neil's vote for Pegasus. I've been using it on Microsoft Windows since 1998. Outlook Express or its mutant cousin Outlook were NEVER considered.

I'd be willing to try Thunderbird because I'm so fond of Phoenix.
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My thing is that Mozilla Mail is fine. I love it! I just get sick of loading Mozilla to access it. I have plenty of RAM so its not a resource thing... just a principle one.


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This is a silly poll. First of all, this is a Phoenix forum. Second, Thunderbird <i>will</i> be developed, but Blake has already explained why he can't do it right now.

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I also use Pegasus. It is a very good full-featured windows email client and I encourage people who are disappointed with Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express to try it. However, be forewarned it has a cryptic interface that takes some getting used to - and this is why I will be keen to see the Thunderbird email client when it is released. Also note that Pegasus is more of an email-only client and the addressbook is pretty weak. That is why I use Time and Chaos by Isbister as the addressbook (nearly perfect - photos for entries could be handled bettter) to tie in to Pegasus and it works pretty well :)

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It would have to be pretty special to lure me away from Eudora (not that I think it's perfect; just less bad that everything else I've tried).

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Post Posted November 6th, 2002, 6:06 am

Is Thunderbird going to share some resources with Phoenix and thus decrease memory usage?


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No. Eventually all Moz-based apps will using a shared runtime, but not currently.

- Chris

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when's 'eventually' ? at mozilla 2.0, in 5 years, or when? ;)

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