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Post Posted November 30th, 2002, 8:53 am

Looks like I'll have to change my "avatar "


michel v

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Post Posted November 30th, 2002, 9:00 am

This thread is not only about finding a new name for Phoenix.
There are other issues that just haven't been talked about in this thread, so please take all name-specific posts to the big "Phoenix needs a new name" thread, since they'd be more on-topic there. :)


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Post Posted November 30th, 2002, 11:23 am

This thread has been off-topic since the second post! I keep getting sucked in to find out about the... What was that again?
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Post Posted December 1st, 2002, 12:47 am

Lets make Pheonix technologies go out of business so we can use their name! I will not buy any more fire birs from now on.

Seriously, I wouldn't have even originally discovered and downloaded the browser if it weren't for the awesome name. I really hope that it will get a new more impressive, beautiful, totally 1337, amazing, brave, great sounding, totally sick, perfectly matched etc, name :)

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