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Post Posted October 22nd, 2004, 8:55 am

This is for anyone who uses roboform and has a problem when they update their firefox version and hate that they have to wait ages for roboform to update their firefox adapter. I just downloaded the latest firefox nightly and had this problem as the nightly builds are now 1.0 in the version info.

Here is a way around it and to still use roboform with firefox.

1. Make a copy of the firefox.exe before you install the new firefox, if you do not have a copy then simply download a version of firefox 0.10 and just copy the firefox.exe
2. Install the latest firefox version (for this example firefox 1.0 rc1)
3. Once firefox is up and running close firefox, right click on the main firefox.exe click copy and then paste in the same folder so you have a copy of the up-to-date firefox.exe - once this is done paste the 0.10 exe into the folder and replace the firefox.exe
4. Install the roboform adpater and locate the exe manually.
5. Delete the 0.10 firefox.exe and rename the copy of the new firefox.exe you made back to its original name.
6. Launch firefox in the usual way and roboform will work in it.

Hope that helps people.

BTW - This might cause crashes, I don't know but so far it has worked perfectly for me.
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