Linux newbie how do i install phoenix?

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hi im running peanut linux 9.3r4, i just downloaded the .tar.gz of phoenix and extracted the contents to a folder, how do i run the installation script? i have Mozilla 1.2b install so will these 2 conflict. i have no idea how to start phoenix, can anyone please give me step by step instructions? i have tried double clicking on phoenix-bin file and it just opens my Mozilla 1.2b but with all the default prefs


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tar zxvf phoenix-0.4-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz

cd phoenix

I moved the extracted phoenix dir to /usr/local. Created desktop launchers, got some pretty icons (,

I would also recommend that you get Xft installed. If you have moz then copy the to the phoenix/components dir. Remember to back up the original just in case <grin>.


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