Firefox's search engines management is bad design

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Post Posted November 22nd, 2009, 12:16 am

Do you think so?

Suppose I want to add this "&num=30" parameter to the Google search engine query string. Firstly, firefox has no GUI to customize the search engines. I can only customize the keywords from the search engines manager. So, I copy the google.xml file from firefox application directory to profile directory and make the modification. Restart firefox but it does not update the google search engine. Delete search.json and restart, still doesn't work. Delete search.json and google.xml under application directory, firefox use my customize google search now.

Shouldn't the google.xml file under profile directory has higher priority/overwrite the one under application directory when the have the same name? Moreover, to add a new search engine not exist in AMO, I have to write a xml file and delete search.json. I think this is not easy for average users.

To add or customize search engines is a lot easier in Opera/Chrome/any other browsers. Why firefox do not have a GUI interface like Opera/Chrome/etc to add or modify search engines?

And search engines are stored in xml files and search.json and keywords are stored in search.sqlite file. Why not store all search engines in a single file and search history in another file?

Ability to import search engines from xml files is not bad design. But make it the only way to setup search engines is a bad design.


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Post Posted November 22nd, 2009, 12:23 am

You wanna add search engines 'Opera style' use this, just right click in search bars.
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The idea of this addon is good. But it does not let you to customize the search engines it add or modify the search engines exist by default.

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