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Hello all, I am a newbee, so please do not shoot me if I ask a stupid question!

Currently i am using MS explorer and want to use Firefox in the future but there is one thing i cannot find information about.

In IE a remote desktop client plug in is installed (active X component) which enables me to run standard windows applications in the IE browser using RDC.
This does not work using FireFox. Is there a way to do this in FireFox? Is there a plugin available to do this?

Any information is welcome! Thanks for your help

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One of the things that makes fire fox so secure is the lack of activeX support, that is one of the biggest problems with IE. You can just download the client software <a href=>here.</a> its 3.4 MB so it may even fit on a floppy.

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hanss wrote:Is there a way to do this in FireFox? Is there a plugin available to do this?

Read the instructions carefully.

- Chris


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Active X is the reason virusses have been crawling inside your computer through your browser as well as all those 110 searchbars.

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