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I am definitely big on convenience and having the quickest way to get there from here. In IE (v. 5.0 and better) the "keyword" functionality of typing a bookmark/shortcut into the address bar and hitting enter to GO was already there. Compared to FF, IE used the NAME of the bookmark/shortcut as the "keyword".

I am guessing that FF maybe thought it was an improvement when they separated the Name from the Keyword functionality, but since trying to change over to using FF that has caused many issues for me.

1) FF will not "keyword" the bookmark at the same time that you add it, making a 2nd trip to the bookmark a necessity and somewhat wasteful of my time

2) FF did not automatically "keyword" my IE bookmarks upon import meaning that I must now spend hours to keyword every one of several hundred bookmarks that I use

3) (and probably the most annoying of them all)... FF will not use the bookmark directories as a keyword... In other words in IE I could type "xp\forum" to access the bookmark (and site) named "forum" in the "xp" directory. This is peave with me and has kept me from being a full convert as all the orginazation of my bookmarks is now for nothing and in order to use the keyword functionality, I have to dump all my most used bookmarks back into the root directory.

If anyone has any ideas that might help, it would be much appreciated. This post is not to say that FF sucks, or IE is better, but when it comes to using shortcuts to browse quickly.... well..... FF just isn't there yet :(

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k, so maybe my last post sounded more like a rant than a request... I will rephrase my "problems" into appropriate questions that someone may then be able to answer:

1) Is there a way to get FF to automatically keyword a bookmark as your are bookmarking the site ?
2) Is there a more automated way of keywording 100's of bookmarks either at import or after import?
3) Is there anyway to get FF to use a directory name as a "keyword" when typing in the address bar?


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1) Only if you are adding a keyword for a search.
2) No.
3) No.
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