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I was trying to get Phoenix 0.4 running at school to show off to my teacher/classmates. Imagine how embarassed I felt when I couldn't get it to go through the proxy!
My question to you: How does one set up Phoenix to go through an authentication proxy with a username and password. Would it be a setting, or should it come up in a prompt? I believe (I apologize for being unsure) that my school uses an ISA SOCKS 5 proxy server. I have typed the proxy into the manual HTTP proxy config field, and have tried typing the user/pass into the location field, with no luck. I have searched the entire MozillaZine forums and Google for solutions, to no avail. Am I missing an option? Is this to be supported in the future? Please help, so I can demonstrate an alternative web browser!

PS. We are using Windows 2000 machines, and IE 5.0.

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