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](*,) Got the following problem and haven't been able to resolve it by searching the internet.

My moron brother decided to clear my page history while he was Derping away on my laptop..

I had more than 2 years worth of visited pages that are now all completely gone somewhere in cyberspace (like to keep track of all the pages i visit).

I'd like to know if there is anyway to Resurrect those past 2 years of my life ](*,) ?

I've used a recovery tool to recover all Firefox related material and have them stored on my puny 250 Gb external hd.

So I've got a bunch of DLL MOZ-BACKUP JAR AFF DAT INI and other files in stored but Don't know what I'm supposed to do with them.

Any help on how to resolve and remedy this most unfortunate situation , OR tips how to avoid it happening again would be very much appreciated.

p.s brother has been slapped already so he wont mess with my pc again :D =D> :-"

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ScavengerZedic wrote:p.s brother has been slapped already so he wont mess with my pc again :D =D> :-"

Be a good idea to slap him a few more times just to be sure.

Firefox Menu > Bookmarks > Show all Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Restore > import one of your .json backups from a day or two back. These contain history as well as bookmarks and tags, etc.

Check under Options > Privacy that your browsing history settings has not been tampered with to clear on exit.

To cover yourself in future - Firefox Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Info > Open Folder Containing > Navigate up through the folders until you're in AppsData and see the Mozilla folder - copy it and hide the copy somewhere. Do that every few months/weeks/days.
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Added to what Frank posted....

Long ago CCleaner had an update... without checking what they did, I ran it (main reason is to clear out non-Firefox stuff)... but they had added (and released the product with it active) some history clearing options for Firefox...all my browsing history was gone... anyway, now I've learned to always check options in that product...

... one of the extension that I have is this... and don't be fooled by its title... it does a lot more. I was able to recover my Places.sqlite file with no problems.

On top of that... you should create another Firefox profile for your bruised brother and perhaps activate the Master password for Firefox... better yet would be to create a new user account in Windows... you could name it DUMMMMMY :lol:
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And teach him how to use Private Browsing so he won't delete all of your history trying to cover his tracks. Ctrl + Shift + P
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