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Leaving aside the technical issues of using Phoenix...

Don't discount the sheer power of habit and familiarity. When you launch IE thirty times a day (no exaggeration) over the course of years, you've got a powerful habit to break.

Despite the carping from partisans, IE is extremely fast, powerful, and reliable. That's very seductive.

If this is true for someone who really "gets it" re the benefits of open source, industry standards, and escape from an amazingly ruthless monopoly, just think about the barriers for Joe Sixpack.

Perhaps the best way for Mozilla/"Phoenix" to awaken the entranced denizens of the Matrix is to show up incorporated in highly-attractive and rewarding products: trumpeted and showcased as a host for entertainment content, help systems, and productivity applications.

In other words, if we're all a bunch of dogs, Mozilla partners are going have to act like a clever Pavlov. Woof! Drool!
you get the general picture(tm)


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Post Posted December 11th, 2002, 5:47 pm

No. We will win. We are going to defeat Microsoft. Here's why: we have infinite patience. Over time, Mozilla and its derivative products are just going to get better and better. There is nothing Microsoft can do to stop this improvement. Microsoft can copy some of our features, like tabbed browsing, but over time, we will gain more and more market share. Microsoft is only going to lose market share. Microsoft has finite patience. Microsoft must steadily make profits off their browser, which they do from web server sales. In the end, Microsoft cares about dollars, while we care about quality.

The Mozilla Project is definitely not on the brink of failure or success. We are not on the brink of anything. We are on a steady pace to eventually win this competition. And so we shall.

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