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How do I get rid of this search page:{9929858B-8216-48EB-BFD6-14D894AA5CAF}&serpv=22. I had to download Freecorder 7 again, and unfortunately it download a bunch of crap that I uninstalled. But can't get rid of this website when I open FF. I've tried many times to plug in My Yahoo, the home page I been using, but it always revert to when I close FF and open it the next time. Thanks


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Maybe help here I have no idea it the "Automatic Findwide removal" download is is safe.

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I would make a new Firefox Profile, do *not* pick a custom location for it, and do not delete any profiles. If someone does not post more customized instructions then see here: ... on_Windows
Then see if any extensions are auto-installed into the new profile and if searches are hijacked in the new profile. If the new profile gets hijacked too, you need to do scans for malware or uninstall adware programs - some tips on scanning for malware are here:

If the new profile is free of extensions and holds its search engine, remove any suspicious extensions from your original profile. Reset your home page.
Right clicking and reset this about:config setting - browser.newtab.url
Then add the search engine you want from and set it as the default in the search bar. It might also be necessary to remove the user.js file from your profile. If you still have problems, but the new profile is fine, you may just want to migrate some good things into your new profile. ... _-_Firefox Even after you do that, don't delete the old profile, you may later think of something you want from it or may even want it as evidence of what happened.


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Since this is a search engine hijack it likely has nothing to do specificly with Firefox so creating a new profile isn't likely to help much. Try mighty's suggestion first.
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You may try this tutorial:

However it's close to the one posted by mightyglydd.

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Thank You for all the great information. I reset Firefox and that seem to get rid of the problem for now.

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Just for the record, recently I was asked to look at a computer that had a similar infection and although it seemed that I was able to clear the installed addons and reset the home page, after closing and starting Firefox again the trojan page was shown.
In the end, the problem was that the shortcut had been modified to launch firefox with that page as default page.

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