moved profile ff50.0.1(64) to ff52.2.1ESR (64)

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bob c
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Post Posted July 11th, 2017, 10:51 am

installed ff-52.2.1 esr (64) onto same drive, and moved/copied profile from ff 50.0.1 (64) into it, mine and wife's profile. so far seems to be running without any hiccups, and the 14 extensions/addons seem to be running ok.

going to try to use FF as it is, with esr updates for as long as it can be done. it's like a pair of fav. shoes now. didn't uninstall the other one yet--just in case. I now have 3 FF directories and 6 profiles (FF 52.2.1esr 64-2 profiles), (FF 50.0.1 64-2-profiles), and (FF 43.0.1 32--2 profiles, have not used this one in a long time).

not enough time yet, probably not true, but this esr seems a little snappier.

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Post Posted July 11th, 2017, 11:23 am

I now have 3 FF directories

and 6 profiles

- create a backup of all profiles
- uninstall all firefox
- check on changes or missing profiles and recover in case
- install the desired firefox build again

mozilla changed in between the deletion of profiles to "no", not sure if v43 was affected.

there should no issues when upgrading from v50 to v52, esr or other, i had not. if you have trouble, try a profile refresh ... d-settings


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