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i have made a clean update to 54 from 46 version ... imported bookamarks is a success ... sites which i visit from saved bookmarks dont get favicons, how do i get them ???



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As you use each bookmark the Favicon should be saved.
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yes you are right ... but its not happening ...

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Has the profile being used by 54 been touched by a later version (55 or higher)? If so, try resetting the profile. Note: resetting the profile will delete the extensions and their data.

Or you may have to use 54 to export the bookmarks to an HTML file, create a new profile, tag that as the default profile, relaunch Firefox using that new profile and import the bookmarks to it.

Note: you cannot just copy the places.sqlite file because 55+ did a structural change to places.sqlite file, including where favicon images are stored.

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