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Post Posted August 27th, 2017, 1:30 pm

When Mozilla releases Firefox v57 this fall, the Firefox we all knew and loved for years will no longer exist. Perhaps a new logo is in order - one that exemplifies the path that Mozilla has chosen for Firefox.

I think this one is right on the nose:

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Post Posted August 27th, 2017, 3:28 pm

Whatever....... go start a flame war somewhere else
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Post Posted August 27th, 2017, 3:41 pm

might be a wise idea to close this or send it elsewhere? but some people will love it, others will hate it , afaict i can see 1 minor thing i dont like about it so far


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Post Posted August 27th, 2017, 3:58 pm

This isn't really about Firefox so I'm locking it.

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