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Post Posted September 8th, 2017, 6:26 am

Previously there was only the "startupCache.8.little" file in the startup cache folder.
Now there are two more entries which seem to be related to some form of preload.
scriptCache-current.bin and scriptcache-child-current.bin
Doing a search brings this page Moz inbound revision
Are these two files necessary, part of the future changes?

Was able to remove the two files and return to the previous condition of a single startupCache8.little but GUI format was lost. Did a re-install but it appears either the files regenerate from omni.ja or the updated Debian package.
It seems to be tracking but it also seems to maintain gui format. Whatever they are they are not on other installs of the same version of Firefox.
Not that it matters, I don't like the looks of them.
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