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I used FF from version 2.x about 10 years ago, One of the reason to make me concern to left firefox because FF57 cannot use legacy extension, but I believe it can be good in future, at least some essential extension like ublock origin, temper monkey already ports to web extension.

However, there is a serious problem on FF56 and I won't go back again.
My firefox installation is used about 5 years an update incrementally for each new version, and never occur any problem.
But FF56, it's totally not usable to me, it disable all extension (it not loaded), as well as addon button all gone.

Sure I have go to customize panel and try to find the button, but the root cause is all extensions not load, I try clear cache, pref.js clean up, disable all extension and enable just one - ublock, but still not work.

I have to wait mozilla aware the issue and release a fix, however 2 day is gone, it really make me losing confident to mozilla, and it maybe the time I try another browser.

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skip v56 and use v57 instead. mozilla wont change a bit, even not for you. if you are interesseted to solve your issues you speak up again in a different way, not ranting. otherwise use a browser of your choice and fare well.


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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110420 SeaMonkey/2.0.14 Pinball CopyURL+ FetchTextURL FlashGot NoScript


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Firefox ESR is the same as Firefox 52 with security updates going until middle of 2018.
Switch to Firefox ESR and have working extensions for another 9 months.
Then come back to see where things stand in second half of 2018.
Just a functional suggestion.
Open the pod bay doors, Cortana.


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When we're talking hundreds of millions of users, there will be always thousands of oddball situations, random problems that nobody with mostly preserved sanity would have suspected.

Looks like your user profile got screwed up for some random reason. It will happen to a small number of people, sucks for you that you were among their numbers. Sorry for you, naturally :(

At this point, I feel it would be simpler to create yourself a brand new profile and start over, no?

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