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Post Posted October 11th, 2017, 3:46 pm

Do I need Flash installed at all? It's almost 2018. I was 'set' to "click to allow" but figured I should update to the latest Flash version. But the link only opens a 'Blocked Add-ons' page stating Flash 26 and earlier has been blocked.

I use Sandboxie anyways but sometimes I need to open a page in another browser (therefore update Flash). Can I just excise Flash from my Programs and will FF (ver 47.1) play video I actually want via some other plugin/application? Or will I be forced to install Flash again to play some video? Will the new FF in a few weeks play Flash video at all?

I hate Flash and Abode. I've read for years now that HTML5 will supercede Flash. Dear Lord let me be done with it already.

Lastly, if I may, why do I continue to get pop ups when I set my browser to not allow them? Damned confusing.




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Adobe plans to support their Flash Player Plugin until end of 2020. is the current NPAPI version and was the previous for NPAPI version.

There is no replacement for videos and games that uses the Flash Player Plugin from Adobe. However HTML5 player has been growing in use as time goes on.

Firefox 47.0.1 is old (June 28, 2016) and vulnerable as it does not have the security fixes (many of which are critical) that were fixed and added in since.

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There are a couple of websites where I still need Flash: on the Turner Classic Movies website for playing videos, and for dabplayer.

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you asked about flash, not only for security reaseon - but your user agent points out build v47 and thus high vulnerable, please uprade soon!


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Post Posted October 12th, 2017, 9:41 am

why do I continue to get pop ups when I set my browser to not allow them

Popups of what, about what?
If about Flash, it could be a site is notifying you that it requires Flash, or you're running into bogus (malware-related) "Flash update" popups.
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