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Post Posted October 21st, 2017, 3:57 am

c627627 wrote:Is Comodo Firewall okay?

I used to run the free Comodo v8.x.x.x firewall & it performs exactly as a firewall should.
As Frank mentioned, a good router will have an inbuilt, hardware firewall.
When Comodo is 1st installed, it asks a lot of questions, as to what
program etc., you want to run or allow to connect to the WWW.
It learns quickly.
A Point to note re; v10...
It will install & not give you the option not to, the Comodo Dragon browser.
BUT, you can simply un-install it in the usual way through Programs & Features.
Just watch those installation option screens.

A lot of firewalls did/do not give you those choices. They just blocked everything silently by default.
Proper PITB.

Anyway, I just updated it to the latest version 10.x.x.x & it's working just fine.

I also run ACRONIS TI & do weekly backups of my "C" drive to an external drive, which is disconnected after each backup.
Hopefully, this will enable me to overcome any kind of major/minor malware/ransomware incursion.

&, As mentioned the 1st 3 rules of computing are...
"Backup, backup, backup."
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Post Posted October 21st, 2017, 8:32 am

I am resisting the jump to Comodo 10 since version 8 as you pointed out works as it should, intercepting OUTGOING phone home attempts and not just incoming ones like Microsoft does. I only use their standalone Firewall, not their suite or Antivirus.

I like Avira Antivirus heuristic engine, which does detect patterns rather than just rely on updated definitions but yes they don't protect against zero day stuff, but a couple of days later they do.

I plan on using the freeware combo of Avira Antivirus and Comodo Firewall to keep ESR 52 goong into 2019.
I spent a lot of time setting them up to be least intrusive while not giving up their protection.

Safe browsing practices are not enough, I like to post a screenshot of a hacked Microsoft web site when people argue that 'safe browsing practices' are enough. I ask people if 'your' trusted web site is taken over, then what?

Choice of protection will be important as time goes on. I cannot imagine using a browser without my Firefox profile. I may have to one day but not for few years, hopefully ESR will be usable for a couple of years at least.

Here's why (very) popular pay-for Norton is not a good choice over free Avira: ... ost8031068
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