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I'm on a slow connection and on an external hard drive, so I want things cached, but only on memory. So I set browser.cache.disk.enabled to false and browser.cache.memory to true.

The thing is, there is also browser.cache.offline.*. Do these settings refer to disk cache, memory cache, or something else entirely such as "Cached Web Content" or "Offline Web Content and User Data" which you see under about:preferences > Advanced > Network? I don't want any of those either, I just want pages I visit to be cached in memory (I have a lot of it) so I don't have to fetch them everytime since I'm on a slow connection. I don't want anything on my harddrive.


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The two settings you changed affect "Cached Web Content".
"Offline Web Content and User Data" is for storage of data which you have allowed from various on-line source.
You'll note there is a "Tell you when a website asks you to store data for offline use" which you can check to warn you . . .
. . . and underneath a text area which should show those allowed.
Any site you do not wish to load the data and is listed can be removed with the exceptions button.
If you look the various items in preferences you can see some exception buttons and some have sites listed which you have control.

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