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I don't know what it is with browser makers, you have to realize that somethings that were made over the years. Not everything gets old, somethings we have on our computers, internet, devices still serves its purpose. Such as bookmarks. I would like to see Firefox turn on bookmarks full time, and turn it into a cloud, where you can add files, folders, photos and bookmarks. Now that would be an awesome bookmark tool. Just imagine your computer crashed and everything you download exe files are in a folder on your Firefox bookmark tool, and all your other documents, photos and files. You re-download your Firefox Quantum and everything is at your fingertips. God I wait for that day. I know you all do too, if not. I bet if they did it, you wouldn't live without it.


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I use Firefox's sync function for my bookmarks. Both computers I use plus my mobile have access to the same bookmarks.

For files, you can use OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.
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taylor1277 wrote:God I wait for that day. I know you all do too, if not. I bet if they did it, you wouldn't live without it.

Speak for yourself, please. I for one wouldn't look forward to such a day. There is far too much so-called "telemetry" (aka spying) by major computing companies and governments going on with respect to computer users. I definitely could live without the spying vector you envision for us all. May the day never come.
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BuddhaNature, you don't use any online cloud storage, it would be the same thing, except built into the browser.


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Having crashed my systems over the years a great many times (more than 20 for the skeptical) mostly due to my own activities, I find the cloud concept on the local system to be redundant to a separate drive.
Makes no sense to have a cloud unless it's for the access of others but it's still just data on a server.
Clouds are nothing more than large server farms and you could accomplish the same function by placing your information on a separate drive or personal server, granting access as you would.
I personally, with some exceptions, believe the cloud system is just a big data grab for the larger maintainers.
While cooperation in science or general information of an open source nature being available is the better side of the cloud systems there are areas of personal information which should never be placed on a cloud regardless of maintainers claims of security and wonderfulness. The old idea of, "If you do not want it stolen do not put it on-line" should always be basic practice and considered greatly as those whose naked pictures now grace the never ending aether.
There's also the careless manner in which some cloud maintainers fail to validate properly the information, check for malicious dopplegangers or consider the actual purpose of cloud memberships in lieu of the money made. Terrorist sites being notable.
One has to realize the information on your system is yours and the sharing of that information should be something you allow by choice, not by system function.

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