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I have upgraded to firefox quantum and have lost my recently bookmarked tab at the top of bookmarks page. Now all my new bookmarks go to the bottom instead of staying at the top of bookmarks. Is there a way round this.

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Click the Library button (the one that looks like books on a shelf), then the Bookmarks category.

  1. Open the Library (Ctrl+Shift+B or "Show All Bookmarks").
  2. Click the "Bookmarks Menu" folder on the left.
  3. On the toolbar, click Organize, then New Bookmark. Name it Recently Bookmarked and as the location, enter the following:
    Code: Select all
  4. Restart Firefox. Your bookmarks button now shows a "Recently Bookmarked" folder that expands to show 25 of your most recently bookmarked sites.
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I have the same problem with you. I can not make it the same. I tried to set up a long time, it can not, how do I do so I have old bookmarks. gclub online


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