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Currently using Linux Lite and Firefox version 57.0.1 (64-bit).
At the favorite toolbar, there is link "help manual" (this FF was bundled with Linux Lite installation) and there is four folders after that (not counting sub folders).

Previous, when I added some page to favorites bar, I typically did it by grabbing current tab, and dragging it down to the tool bar, holding it over the folder that I intend to put the link into and then drop it.

But after I start using Firefox and Linux Lite, the issue now is that when I drag a tab and holds it over a folder, more then often the folder will not "roll out" and expose it contents and consequently it's not possible to put the new link in the sub folder where I want it to be.

Currently workaround is to grab a tab, place it on the top level of the favorite tool bar. After the link is created, I then can grab it, and move it into whatever folder I want it to go.

Is there some settings that may be responsible to this misbehaviour of drag/drop of tabs into subfolders in faborite toolbar sub folders?

Also, this is a behavior that is not consistent for all web pages, and I don't know what causes this.

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Instead of the tab, drag and drop the circled (i) icon on the left side of the location bar.


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Post Posted January 4th, 2018, 1:19 pm

Thanks. Sitting on a different computer now (Ubuntu Mate) and for some reason it is not a problem here.
I will test your suggestion at the Linux Lite computer.

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