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Hi everyone,
Does anybody else use the Avast Passwords extensions on Firefox 57.0.3? I'm having a problem with it. When I open Firefox, the little key icon for the Passwords extension is gold, meaning it is active, {if not, the key is black}, but when I access a site where the login and password are required and supposed to autofill, it stays blank. I have to open the Avast site and click on "activate passwords in Firefox" button for it to work properly.
If I keep Firefox open, the extension works on any site I have it set up on. But, if I close Firefox and reopen, I have to repeat the above steps again. The extension is supposed to automatically activate when opening Firefox. I am wondering if I need to change one of my settings for closing Firefox, such as clearing history, etc.? Any answers, links, ideas, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks

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as it seems buggy you should contact avast support. i wont count that much on third party modules as firefox password management is decent - and it gets improved in the near future.

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As Brummelchen mentioned, it's best to go ask at the AVAST forum, as it's their "addon/extension."
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