facebook videos will not play in FF but play in Chrome

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Hi no videos will play in facebook when I use firefox but they work in chrome . what do I need to do to make videos play from facebook in firefox ? I have a vista computer. Firefox is up to date . youtube videos will play in firefox . The only place videos will not play is in facebook in firefox . I did the reset and opened ff in safe mode and still the video's in facebook will not play . I deleted fire fox from the computer along with the Maintenance service hoping that would give me a fresh start ,but when I installed fire fox and started it back up everything was the same even the history did not change . A message was at the bottom about a refresh so I did the refresh . After all that I went back into facebook and it still won't play any videos in facebook . I then did a restart of the computer and started firefox I then typed in facebook on the google page . I though since I have never saved my facebook pass word I would have to enter my password but fire fox started facebook up . Still no video playing in facebook . I logged out of facebook and then back in and still no videos will play . The videos don't give any type of message ,once I click on the play arrow it goes black and you see a white thing going in a small circle for only a few turns and then it goes back to the photo of the video with the start arrow . Its as if its thinking about it but decides not to play the video . I tried shutting down antivirus but firefox still won't let facebook video play .I then cleared all history and deleted both the maintenance service along with firefox 52.6.0 again . and it rebooted my computer . I once again installed firefox . I put in my pass word to open facebook and tried another video and it still won't start a video . Its doing the same thing . At the bottom once again the Looks like you've reinstalled firefox. Want us to clean it up for a fresh,like-new experience? So I clicked the refresh firefox again . Once it stared up again I went back into facebook and still it won't play any videos . While firefox was still running I thought I would open Chrome at the same time and open facebook their ,sure enough the videos plasyed right away with no problems at all . I did notice something different . In firefox the videos in facebook went to the videos facebook page with out starting the videos on my home page oe news feed page . In chrome it the video played on the news feed page and didn't switch to another page . Why would firefox make the video in facebook go to another page to view a video and still not start the video ?
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I don't know what else I can do .


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