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I get the ffox run up with my ram usage problem at times. It seems like over the past few years this would be a problem on and off. For a while all is fine then I might get a month or two of this. I do run a lot of tabs, but I do not have them activated. It seems that it is exacerbated when I am using my streaming tv service although it can happen some even when that is not running. I kind of get tired of having to watch this on task manager or having to restart ffox. I can start to feel slowdowns with other processes even at about 75%. I have 8gb of ddr4. If I go to 16gb will that cure this? I have a feeling it will still run it up to where even that amount will slow down. 16gb or what to do? Thanks.
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More RAM would definitely help but only if your browsing habits remain the same. Don't think just because you have twice the ram you can double your usage
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No I am not expecting to add any kind of usage that would use more memory. I do no gaming and nothing that is ram intensive. The only problem is ffox usage going way up mostly when I run my streaming tv service. It is not as bad, but other stream type video use has some of this problem also. I wonder if there is some kind of setting modification or other things that can be tried to help or fix this. I can find ideas all over, but is there a guide that has up to date things to try for this. There are definitely others that have this kind of problem.


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(A meaningless "memory" thread, for perusal, if inclined, ... -ram-usage.)
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