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Post Posted March 9th, 2019, 8:24 am

Yes, topstories.

So I create a new Profile to check something out.
I opened, literally, half a dozen pages.
I quit.

Just before deleting that new Profile folder, I see, "activity-stream.topstories.json" sitting there at 18 MB.
And I'm like what the heck?

So I did


on it. (Harsh, to say the least.)

So this "topstories" has some 5000 or so site "names" in there.
No clue why, no clue what for.

Code: Select all

Anyhow, just the point that it exists.
What a crock. ... issues/396

(Now I did recently 'change to' one of those "unbranded" builds, & that probably makes a difference?)

In any case, what a crock.
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Post Posted March 9th, 2019, 9:31 am

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Post Posted March 9th, 2019, 11:13 am

Go into about:config and search for: activity.
You'll see a great huge list which includes things like snippets; pocket, oboarding and a number of other items which you can be selective.I have a list so far:android; activity-stream; formauto <---this one has a credit card information; pocket and whatever suits during the course of viewing. Also look at captive and portal: Maybe not such a big deal with Windows but it was causing some issues with Canonical based distros. Also there's two new items in portal which I haven't been able to define as of yet and may be unnecessary depending on connection method:
Apparently, according to an old post you can blank these without an issue, apparently, if you are on an intranet or company internet it will over count usage or affect amounts. Guessing it records both online and offline so the amounts are doubled though only the online would actually count. May affect billing.

You might additionally want to block the ip ranges of: WARNINGMay be Mozilla using AWS, wouldn't it be nice if Amazon disappeared entirely.
Think of all the small business which could open.
NetRange: -
as it does remote installs of the very things you remove in the way of things like onboarding, pocket and the rest of the unwanted crap, that is unless you like the additional crap
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