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I don't remember what I did but I cannot get Firefox to save passwords. I know I did something in the config to launch Firefox in private mode always. Can I get Firefox to save passwords while in private mode somehow? If not, how do I change it temporarily to accept new logins to site? Thank you.


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Open the site outside of Private Mode, save the password, then go back to Private?
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I suggest you try a third party encrypted password manager.

Recently I moved to Bitwarden. It has impressed me to the point of amazement.

It's open source and free. Premium accounts offer additional features I have not needed.
Software interface is clean, simple and easy to use. No need to trawl manuals before getting started.

Channels on all platforms are consummately covered from a single account:
--Web console
--Desktop - Linux, Mac, Win
--Browser extensions - FF, GC, etc
--Android and iOS devices

Login credentials stored in encrypted online vault. You only need to remember one strong password or pass-phrase.

Using FF extension I can login to any site with stored credentials with a couple of clicks. Yes, amazing.

Bitwarden is more powerful and more versatile than storing login credentials in FF.
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is set to true
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If you are in PB mode then you can't store a new login automatically, but you can still use "Create New Login" in Lockwise. ... and-import

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