Firefox's unusable minimalism problem.

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The Mac is a perfect example of making all functions available in a well-organized, easily understood, and <i>standardized</i> menu. With a few, well-known and easily discovered shortcuts, there is absolutely no point in expanding the menu into a bunch of disorganized buttons.

The whole point of a menu is to have a clean, orderly interface that is easy to use. If you claim that that is "unusable" and that you have something better that everyone should use, don't be surprised or shocked if people disagree.

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And that here is the problem. The OP seemed genuinely surprised and/or shocked that people disagreed with him. But, that's due to the OP's tunnel vision.
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Khaine wrote:
JAB Creations wrote:
My Left Hand wrote:just wished you'd stop posting your opinion as fact.

Do they have Java disabled to block viruses?

Your an idiot.

No your an idiot


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