Firefox not importing IE7 Favorites

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Anyone else having this problem?



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Have you tried File>Import ???
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mozillafish wrote:Anyone else having this problem?


To Import or Export bookmarks To/From the current version of Firefox
(1) File -> Import -> (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera)
(2) Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Import -> (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera or File)
(3) Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Export -> (bookmarks.html)
NOTE: Firefox 2.0 it's Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks ->

Sometime Firefox has problems with importing some favorites from IE .... use the IE import/export wizard to export them from IE and then use #2 to import them into Firefox.
(1) open IE ...
File -> import/export wizard -> chose favorites -> export to a file -> bookmarks.html
(2) open Firefox .....
Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Import -> from file -> bookmarks.html

Import bookmarks - - from Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Opera, Safari, SBC Yahoo! Browser, Avart Browser, and AOL 8/9 Browser.

FYI --> Guide:Bookmark Back Up Extensions/Utilities and more

later, Richard
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