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Moparx: no, you don't uderstand me (meaby it's because of my english)
I have nothing to licences on Firefox. I'm only sad that for almost half on year I can't get them for - even i'm trying to do so sending an email to Tristan/Bart every month.
About icons - that's great that there is deiff between official and unofficial. But if i'm trying to create that campaign i need official ones to work on them. Of course I know i have to get acceptance of final work from marketing team, but before - i need to create it! And it looks that nobody wan't it, because i'm not in "team". Only people from "team" can work on Firefox and everything around it.

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you are way out there, e-gandalf. it is not like they had a choice when they renamed it to firefox. you want them to sit by and get sued?

and the browser isn't even at 1.0 yet!

you are blowing this out of proportions dude. don't blame the devs for things that are beyond their control (trademark issues) or that are a natural consequence of the project status: BETA!


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If you're not using Firefox, you're not surfing the web, you're suffering it.
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