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Post Posted November 12th, 2002, 10:18 am

To quote Asa from a thread in the features forum:

Asa wrote: Most people disable the bookmarks toolbar immediately? That's news to me. Where did you get this data? Care to share it with the folks working on the project. Usability data like that could he a huge help. Thanks.

Something to think about for future Phoenix releases (nearer to 1.0) would be the option to submit your current configuration as profiling data. The user could customize the interface and options to their liking, then easily upload their configuration for the Phoenix dev team to look at. Obviously it should not contain any personal data, and it'd be nice if you could see exactly what was being sent before it gets sent. This might give the developers some idea what options everyone enables right away, what toolbars they immediately hide, etc. It would at least provide some input towards sane default values.

I realize that the developers already have their hands full, but I'm sure this could be written easily (just do a POST somewhere), and a quick script could be written to do statistical analysis on the options.

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