Mozilla ActiveX Plugin - 2.0.11 Build

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Mozilla ActiveX Plugin - 2.0.11 Build

Post by Hendikins »

The short version:
[Click here]

The long version:
I was working on something else (a custom PFS source that makes use of the data I've collected for PluginDoc over the years), and I notice people are still asking about this thing. So I set myself up a Win32 build environment in a virtual machine and built it.

This is built using VC7.1 on a Windows XP host.

The disclaimer:
I supply this without support, and with minimal testing (aka: it worked when I used it with the official Firefox 2.0.11 binary in the VM in which I built it). It should work, but I don't promise it will and I really can't help you troubleshoot it if it breaks your system. You're on your own, use at your own risk, etc.

Have fun.
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Post by steviex »

Can I just add the Warnings from the KB Active X Page....

Knowledge Base wrote:Warnings

* If you use the Adblock extension, you may need to disable the Obj-Tabs setting, depending on your browser version. Otherwise, the ActiveX plugin will run almost any ActiveX control regardless of how it is configured. This issue is fixed in current Mozilla browsers (see bug 340852 for details).
* For some versions of the ActiveX plugin, the Flash plugin will not load unless it was already loaded after you install the ActiveX plugin. You will need to reload the plugins by typing about:plugins into your Location Bar upon starting Firefox.
* If you later update your browser, the ActiveX plugin will likely remain installed and it may not be compatible with the new browser version. You should uninstall the ActiveX plugin before upgrading your browser or remove it if it is already installed, unless it is known to work with the next version.
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