urlclassifier3.sqlite gets absurdly large?

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ndebord wrote:I gather you don't see any conflict of interest between Google running the blacklist and Firefox using it to determine which sites are potentially dangerous to web surfers and which sites are theoretically safe?

More FUD? If you get the facts wrong, change the subject, right?

ndebord wrote:The question one should ask is what makes the blacklist (or not) and why and who decides what is safe for the whitelist and is it actually safe.

One may ask that, but it's a completely different subject -- and I wouldn't be surprised if it's already been discussed. The subject of this thread is the size of the "urlclassifier3.sqlite", is it not?

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Being old and now off topic (and besides I have orders from Mountain View), I am going to lock this thread. If you wish to continue this thread restart it in AD.
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