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If you want to test your Flash 10 plug-in (and have a little fun too :twisted: ), the 10 sites linked to on this page all work with Firefox:

When Flash Goes Evil

NOTE: See the next post below for additional information and help with/troubleshooting installation and other problems you may be encountering with the Flash Player 10 plugin for Firefox.

YOUTUBE: If you are experiencing YouTube/Firefox crashing, try the suggested "YouTube Workaround" found at the end of the second post below.
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1. If these 10 sites (linked to above) work for you, but another of your favorite Flash sites does not, it's not a problem with Firefox. Some sites have not yet updated their Flash content to recognize the Flash 10 plugin in Firefox. Sites may even display a default notice saying something like "You have an older version of Flash Player..." This is not true. You already know you have a working version of Flash 10. You can also verify your version of Flash and that it is "Successfully installed" by visiting this PAGE at Adobe.

2. If these 10 sites or another of your favorite Flash sites work in Internet Explorer (IE) but not Firefox, it's probably not a problem with Firefox although you may need to recheck that Flash is properly installed in Firefox.

3. If you need Flash for work or there is another Flash site that you cannot do without, and it works in IE but not Firefox, you may get the problem sorted out in time (or it may sort itself out) but in the meantime what can you do but use IE.

4. Note that Flash 10 is relatively new. Some problems are to be expected. Unless it is vital that Flash work for you on a particular site, it's probably not worth worrying about. Problem sites may very well sort themselves out in time.


Before installing Flash 10, you may want to consider running the Flash Player Uninstaller. This is especially true if your previous attempts at installing Flash have failed. Note that this will uninstall Flash Player from ALL your browsers. Close all browsers before running the uninstaller (as well as all other running applications as it says to do on the linked to uninstaller page). Also take note of what it says for Internet Explorer. When you run the uninstaller, click the Show Details button. If you see a log entry that says "Delete on Reboot" then restart the computer before installing Flash 10. After running the uninstaller, it's not a bad idea to restart the computer anyway, just to be sure.

Remember that you need to install Flash 10 separately for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Here is where to get the installers for both Firefox & IE...
Scroll down to Section 3.> Adobe Flash Player. You can use either browser to D/L them.
If you go to the "Get Flash" page, then be careful to un-check the free McAfee box. (See note below.)
It automatically detects which browser you are using. Before running the Firefox installer, close all browser windows (it may prompt you to do this if you forget). Before running the Internet Explorer installer, close all other browser windows.

NB: Before downloading Flash, uncheck the free optional "McAfee Security Scan Plus" box that is checked by default.
(Unless you really want it.)

UNINSTALLING/INSTALLING: For more thorough instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, see the detailed instructions in the next post below (the 3rd post on this topic).


1. Consider whether an ad blocker or another add-on/extension may be blocking/interfering with Flash content. In some situations this has proven to be the case. To disable an add-on, go to Tools/Add-ons/Extensions tab, and Disable. To effectively disable ALL add-ons, try running Firefox in SAFE MODE.

1a. NB: Safe mode does not disable the plugins....Only the extensions.
The Plugins can be disabled individually via, Tools > Addons > Plugins.

2. Clear your browser cache, and remove all cookies for the site you are having problems with. CACHE: Tools/Clear Recent History.../show Details/Cache. At the top, set "Time range to clear:" for the time frame that suits your needs (if not sure, set the time range to "Everything"). COOKIES: Tools/Options/Privacy tab/History/Show Cookies button. (On earlier versions of Firefox, locating the Cache and Cookies will be different.)

Also: In addition to clearing your browser cache and all cookies for the problem site, there is another thing you can try. Flash stores cookies independent of the browser, and you could try clearing those. If you click on this link: WEBSITE STORAGE SETTINGS PANEL you will be taken to your storage settings; these are your personal settings. Notice the list of websites at the bottom of the Flash panel. Scroll down the list, find the problem site and highlight it by clicking on it. Notice where the slider is set, then slide it all the way to the left. It may ask you to confirm. When done return the slider back to where it was. You just deleted the Flash cookie information for the problem site. However...there may be more than one for the problem site and they are not in alphabetical order so you will have to carefully scan the list of websites as you scroll down. Repeat the process for each instance of the problem site that you find.

You can also use this extension to remove all/any of those Flash Cookies...
"Better Privacy" v1.29.

3. Check that your firewall or utility settings are set to allow ActiveX controls and Flash (SWF) content. You can also try temporarily disabling your anti-virus program to see if that is interfering with Flash content.

3a. You should also check the section on "Out-of-Process crash handling in Mozilla Firefox."
The KB article on OOPP...
> ... ss_plugins

4. If Flash content still does not play, you can try right clicking on the problem Flash content, select Settings, and Allow the site to access your camera and microphone. Note: This latter problem possibly could be a carryover from the "Clickjacking" workaround for Flash version (and earlier versions) whereby it was at one time recommended that users select "Always deny" in the Global Privacy Settings Panel of the SETTINGS MANAGER. Many Flash sites request this access to camera and microphone and if you have this set to "Always deny" these sites may simply stop working.

For more information on troubleshooting Flash installation problems on Windows, see this PAGE at Adobe. Windows Vista & WIN7 users should take special notice of the section on this page titled "Update Flash Player on Windows 7 and Windows Vista" with attention on whether you have a 32 bit IE on a 64 bit OS.

If you simply cannot download the Flash installer with Firefox, try using Internet Explorer or another browser and download the Firefox version of the Flash installer for your operating system by making the appropriate dropdown menu choices on this PAGE.

Also see this MozillaZine Knowledge Base ARTICLE.


For those who can't or won't update to Flash 10, you may wish to download Flash Player 9, see Flash Player 9 for Unsupported Operating Systems. This page has the clearest choices for downloading the latest release of Flash Player 9 (version Note that this version is also the version Adobe cites as being the patched version addressing the aforementioned "Clickjacking" issue for users of version (and earlier versions).

YouTube Workaround: If you are experiencing YouTube/Firefox crashing, try this suggested workaround. Add the following as a filter to *either Adblock or Adblock Plus:
Code: Select all*.swf

*ADBLOCK PLUS recommended, with the recommended FILTERS EasyList and EasyElement.
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More thorough instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling Flash (with thanks to LIMPET235 for providing the information):

Uninstalling Adobe Flash player..
0. Go to this page: ... d=tn_14157
and download the latest windows flash uninstaller. (uninstall_flash_player.exe).
1. Close down all browsers.
2. Go to control panel, and then to add/remove programs.
3. Uninstall Adobe Flash ActiveX.
4. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player.
5. Close Add/Remove Programs and Control Panel.
6. Open the Command box [Start/Run will bring up the command box] and change to the directory to where you
downloaded the flash uninstaller.
e.g: cd C:\Downloads\Software
7. Type this in [command box]:
"uninstall_flash_player.exe /clean" (No quotes & notice the space between the .exe and /clean)
and press enter.
8. Click Yes.
9. Click Close.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 once. Close the Command window.
11. Go to:
and delete Flash directory.
12. In Win XP... Go to:
C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Application Data\Adobe
and delete the "Flash Player" directory.
13. In Win XP... Go to:
C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Application Data\Macromedia
and delete the "Flash Player" directory.
13a. In WIN7/Vista... Go to:
C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player
and delete the "Flash Player" directory.
14. Start MSIE and open this address:
15. Be sure to UN-tick "Free Google Toolbar" &/or the "McAfee Security Scan Plus" box/es
and click Agree.
16. Allow the ActiveX popup.
17. Click Install.
18. Close MSIE.

NB: The direct download links for manual installation are available from the following Adobe page.

19. Open either Firefox/SeaMonkey/Opera/etc and open this address:
& scroll to section 3, for (all other Windows browsers.)
20. Click the "Flash Player 10 plugin" link.
21. When the file finishes downloading close your browser.
22. Navigate to where you saved the file and double click it:
23. Click Close.
24. Open any browser and go to: ... ger03.html
and drag the bar all the way to the right to Unlimited. (This, is of course, your choice.)
25. Close the browser.
26. Flash should be working, if not, wait for the site to update to be compatible (or try using previous versions of flash player at your own risk).
27. The Adobe test page is here:

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