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To begin, I don't know if I'm posting in the right place because of the many problems I'm going to mention here, sorry I'm wrong about the place of posting or if it was necessary to present myself somewhere, in this case I'll do what's necessary. :

1- *The first one that came here, and that I got banned from the French forummozilla (your famous frog eaters) without I don't know what reason, so to solve my problem I come here by default to give me more trouble to realize these long texts (that I should after translate by Deepl.)
2- *I am on GoogleChrome currently and I would like to change for firefox, except that you see this last one in its UX of tabs strongly displeased me, because I find that not adapt the small arrows which go from left to right to move among these tabs, here is a gif to illustrate my point:

Ps: the screenshot made of the forum fr, could help you to have an outline of a solution which was given to me but which does not correspond exactly to my waitings (it is possible that I have also badly formulated it or with sufficiently little detail so that that can an uninteresting directive in term of research.)

3- I've already merge on the firefoxmozilla browser the shortcuts and all the bookmark stuff, by the way it has different names according to your platforms, on chrome it's "favorites" end in short, it didn't transmit strictly any of the thousands of little symbols, how do you say... uh Icons/logo of website that go with it and that annoys me a lot.

You see, I've been on the web for a long time, and I have a special forums folder that has been piling up over time and is no longer useful, but it is an archive of my data and a part of my gamer past, so I think it's a shame that it can't transfer the icons with it, it's also one of the things that doesn't make you want to move to firefox.

4- The licenses written in English, and the translators in English, the licenses when you click on them that are only in English and I don't understand anything, I'm way too lazy to translate the whole page on deepl (or learn English additionally which would solve a lot of my problems related to the pleasures of computing or just generally speaking)
In short, there is no equivalent of the "right-click translate page" and I installed several extensions and each time it brings back to the old googletranslate thing via a new tab to have to reclick on translate the page and see that it does not work... arf.

So when it comes to long texts written with complex words in Shakespeare's language, I use Deepl but even they with their translation extensions are not crazy... so much the right click, it's short in time (and although it doesn't translate very well, you can understand the essence of the problems with some research on the wiki of the ethymology of the words in English)
Anyway, it would be gigacool, if we could have it as a right-click equivalent.

5- Why when we create a private browser window, our firefox account stays connected? And that I decorate it, bha it decorates ally included the windows which are not of the private navigation, in general I take care of it to look at videos to the stupid ones I do not wish to have modifications of the aloghythm of research of starpage/google.

And in short, we are still connected, so I don't really understand the point of the word private browsing (in the gif above, you can see the D that corresponds to my account.)

6- Last don't feel like my obligation, I didn't understand the reasons that led to my being banned so quickly from the French forum, so I put you a screenshot of the page that was waiting for my next message (and before posting, I think I made a mistake, or I could have clicked on the previous page without deleting my access in any case the page has not changed since then.)
If you could help me to understand this case, it would be really cool dear friends pink bif ... 773#review

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