Firefox ALL OPEN WINDOWS & Tabs FIND Function Or Extension?

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Post Posted February 28th, 2009, 10:31 pm

Firefox ALL OPEN WINDOWS & Tabs FIND Function Or Extension?

Like many "power users" and researchers, I typically have anywhere from 5 to 30 Firefox WINDOWS open simultaneously, each WINDOW having anywhere from 5 to 40 TABS open--for a possible total of 1,200 Firefox TABS simultaneously open on my system. The latest versions of Firefox manage this rather massive amount of insanity quite well.

Oftentimes, however, I need to QUICKLY FIND a particular TAB that may be open in one of the many Firefox WINDOWS currently open, but am relegated to the rather arduous task of clicking each open Firefox WINDOW, then the TAB LIST on each window in an effort to FIND the particular TAB I'm looking for.

It would be very cool if the FF FIND StatusBar had the functionality to not only search the "current TAB" (as it currently does), but to have some sort of functionality (option) to SEARCH ALL OPEN WINDOWS AND TABS as well. The search results could be listed in some sort of "pop-up" WINDOW (similar to the DOWNLOADS WINDOW), where the FF user could then just double-click on the displayed results to "jump" to the proper currently open FF WINDOW and TAB.

I searched these forums as well as the FF "Extension Add-ons" and (of course) Google, but could find no evidence that this convenient FF functionality has ever been considered, proposed or developed.

If it has, I'd appreciate it if someone could point me to it. If it hasn't, I think it would be a very valuable feature to include for consideration for future FF development and releases. This kind of functionality might be a bit much for a FF "Extension Add-on", but perhaps a brave and daring developer would consider it?

To be clear, this added FF functionality would search ONLY currently open FF WINDOWS and TABS for an input string (preferably allowing wildcards... woo, hoo!)--an "internal FF search", NOT a "Google" or other "external" search.

If anyone has any comments, ideas, or other input about this topic, hey, please don't be shy... the thought of this kind of FF functionality and the FF developers who spend countless days, weeks, and even years for the benefit of the FF "family" makes me proud to be a member. ~~~~~ ><(((;> ~~~~~
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Theres an extension called Tabhunter but I dont know if it works for all windows or just the current (focused) one.

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2009, 8:23 pm

Thanks for the input, mzfuser. Tabhunter isn't too bad: it searches URLs and TAB TITLES of ALL OPEN FF WINDOWS. And, it even has the "display output" WINDOW similar to the FF "Downloads" WINDOW with a "double-click-to-GOTO" list. Cool!

However, I need a bit more functionality: searching ALL TEXT ON EVERY OPEN TAB IN EVERY OPEN WINDOW. Many Tabhunter users have also requested this functionality--which is similar to what FF already does, except that the functionality I need would EXPAND FF SEARCH CAPABILITY from not just the current ("in focus") TAB, but to ALL OTHER OPEN FF WINDOWS and TABS.

Hope someone can take this idea and expand on it. Again, mzfuser, thank you for your input!
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Post Posted March 3rd, 2009, 3:12 am

Find In Tabs

Will search text in all open tabs in one window
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Post Posted March 5th, 2009, 1:06 am

Thanks for your input, too, on this topic, alterna. I can usually manage to recall what's goin' on in the tabs of one open window--as long as I have less than 50 tabs or so open.

When I get up to 20 or 30 such windows open, though, it gets tedious and time-consuming to do a tab search on the tabs in each open window.

I wonder if the "Find In Tabs" FF extension functionality could somehow be combined with the "Tabhunter" functionality--WOW! What a thought! Simultaneously searching content in all tabs in all open windows--that would definitely "do the trick" for me (and many others who also need this valuable functionality).

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True, curadebt_fees. However, we're seeking some additional FF "Find" functionality that is not now part of the latest FF release (3.0.6 or 3.0.7): an "Extended Find" function/extension having the ability to simultaneously search ALL TEXT, ALL URLS and ALL FF Tab Titles in ALL OPEN FF windows and tabs for ANY search string/criteria input into the FF "Find" field.

Currently, FF searches the text in only the "in-focus" tab for any input search string, while the "Tabhunter" FF extension searches ONLY the URLs and TAB TITLES of ALL OPEN FF WINDOWS (but doesn't search the TEXT in these open windows). The "Find In Tabs" FF extension searches ALL TEXT in only ONE (the current or "in-focus") window, not ALL open windows and tabs. "Close, but no cigar"... now, who will "get the cigar" for FF "ALL OPEN WINDOWS and TABS Extended Find" functionality/extension?
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Post Posted September 20th, 2009, 9:33 pm

I would like something similar: to search/find *contents of* html (and/or css, js) of open tabs.

value/reason: could help find "leaky" tracking streaming garbage.

currently, can use external search app (eg, agent ransack) to search cachefolder, but it's not obvious which open webpage is emitting the obnoxious url(s).

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Post Posted July 18th, 2011, 4:28 am

It would be great if this feature was added in Firefox
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