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Hi there,

As a long-time user and enthusiastic promoter of Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape/Mosaic, I love my keyboard shortcuts for speed and for helping to combat the ever-present threat of RSI 8-[

I would love to have a keyboard shortcut that triggers the drop-down menu on the Back or Forward buttons, and then enables me tap the down arrow key to navigate "back" through the menu, before pressing Enter to load the selected page. After navigating well into a site, I sometimes find it tiresome to press Alt-Left many times to get back to an originating page, or having to reach for the mouse to click on the little arrow next to the Back button.

Does anybody know of an extension that adds this functionality ? Or is it even present in Firefox, but I don't know of it's existence ?

in hope, and in fear of the mouse, :)


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What you want, and what I am missing in Firefox, is the keyboard shortcuts that Opera 7,x offers.
Z for back, x for forward, and so on...
I lvoe the firefox, but I cant convert from Opera before the keyboard shortcuts been fixed.

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No, I have no problem with using either Backspace (not very often) or Alt-Left for "Back", and Alt-Right for "Forward" (both of which are fairly standard navigation shortcuts across many programs), but I'd like a means of skipping back or forward multiple pages with the drop-down menu, using the keyboard.

<b>Update:</b> Having gone and had a look at the Opera keyboard shortcuts, I assume you are talking about the "Rewind", "Fast Forward", "Show entire forward history" and "Show entire backward history" features, using Shift/Alt-X/Z.

These do sound somewhat like what I want, although I haven't used Opera, so I couldn't say, and I'm not about to buy it when I can support a better, open-source product like Firefox.

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+1! :-D


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