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So, if I want to copy a link and past it into my Skype for example, or Facebook/MySpace or any other place I have to RIGHT CLICK the link, and pick "Copy Link Location".
Then I can go to wherever I want to past it and Ctrl+V or RIGHT CLICK and pick PASTE.

I copy and paste so many links every day that it gets very very very annoying to right click and "copy link location" and then go and paste to wherever.
I need a shortcut that is something like "on link rollover, I hit: ALT+Left Click" or something like that. Something easy and similar as to "open in new tab: CTRL+Left Click"

I looked at this topic: , but it did not get my far. Please help me get a easy mouse click-shortcut for the function that I seek. Thanks

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This might not work as there could be multiple links on a single page and a short cut wont know which one you desire. Maybe Im wrong but I personally don't see how it could work.

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I did not mean shortcut like that, but rather like this. When you see a link and you roll-over and do "CTRL+Left Click", it opens it in new tab right?
Can I have similar thing. When I roll-over a link and do "ALT+Left Click" (for example) to copy that link to clipboard. Just some kind of shortcut to copy the link that I'm hoovering over, into the clipboard. So I can past it right away into email or chat client.

Does that make more sense? Thanks


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Sounds like the mouse gesture extension called "FireGestures" would be REALLY handy for you then.
AMO page:

Among its many other fantastic features and ability for users to custom-program their own gesture command scripts, It has a nifty little feature called 'Keypress Gestures' (found on the 'Advanced' tab of the FireGestures Options). Enabling it on either Ctrl key or Shift Key (or both, if you feel like it) and choosing 'copy hovered links' in the accompanying drop-down means that you can now 'swipe' (that is Right-Click and drag) over the link(s) you want copied to the clipboard while holding the assigned key, and they will be copied.

would copy the link locations of everything swiped over and marked by the red border.

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