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I have a friend who has a problem with the go back one page arrow on his Firefox browser. This is not a problem with about:config "browser.backspace_action " changing the integer for that line does not affect this problem. With that said the problem is...
If you look at any web page on his browser, scroll to the middle of said page and left click on a link and a new page opens. If you then left click on the go back one page button/arrow his browser always goes back to the top of the previous page. My firefox goes back to the place on the previous page that I had left clicked from. How do I make my friends firefox behave like mine. We both have Ubuntu Os with Firefox 3.6.


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A basic test to eliminate the potential of an extension causing this problem would be to start Firefox in safe-mode. If it works fine in that mode then it is one of the installed extensions doing this.
This is only for Firefox safe-mode...Don't check off any of it's safe-mode boxes...
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