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I think it would be preferable to have a control on the sidebar allowing me to reduce its size to zero, sort of off-screen, and back again to its current size. That way I could use a mouse click quickly to hide it without having to keep it open continuously. Some web pages need the whole space to work well, and I do not need to keep looking at the sidebar contents continuously. I understand that I can make it appear and remove it with the button from Customizer window, but that also requires extra clicks as I have to choose which one (i.e., history/bookmarks).

As it is, after opening it, I can only reduce its size so far while it stays open. A control, say, an arrow on the top of it pointing to the edge of the screen while opened, or something to this effect. Thanks.


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There are hot key combos to open and close those sidebars. Ctrl+B for Bookmarks and Ctrl+H for the history sidebar. They toggle the sidebars open and closed.


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I use an older version of the Stylish code & link mentioned here, (Sidebar without size restrictions), but this new version may suit your needs.
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Please read the author's comments.

NB: The "Sidebar without size restrictions" operates by dragging it to the required width, which it then retains.
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