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I think the new embedded tracking protection in Private Browsing is a great concept. But it seems to be lacking. I understand that it's about tracking and not about ad blocking, but when I go to and perform a search, I always get a popunder for And this site (I'm now first party on because it's a new window ARGH!!!) is setting a bunch of tracking cookies. Yes, when I close private browsing the cookies get deleted, but this seems to be exactly what tracking protection is supposed to be about: extra protection to prevent this type of tracking. I'm not sure, but I think the script being run on Priceline seems to be from Can both and as third-party domains be added to the blocking list? It would give a much cleaner browsing experience, with less tracking and less churn while browsing.


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I assume Priceline is being paid for hosting those trackers on their website. Use Adblock Plus or whatever to to block them... .
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Almost certain that Priceline is getting paid for trackers that also open popunders on their site. I get that their are specific ad blockers, but if Mozilla (and want to be serious about the Tracking Protection in Firefox, it seems like this is a natural to be added to their list.


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Firefox 43.0b1 has a "Change Block List" button which the user can click to select between a basic or strict list from

The feature is evolving.
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