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I would like to use Firefox as my main browser, but the one feature holding me back right now is the lack of a smart zoom. I am a Mac and iOS user who is used to being able to double tap or hit a button and have the page automatically zoom to display the current text as wide as the browser window. I first start using this on iOS with Safari on my iPhone.

On my Mac desktop I later started using this with Safari. Now Google Chrome has added this feature. I have heard that Opera has it as well.

Are there any plans to add this feature? I have found no native or add on support that works like smart zoom on Safari and Chrome. I saw in the forums some reference to work being added in 2006/2007 for smart zoom, but it does not seem that it has been added unless I am missing something.

Thank you!


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Not sure if this extension will solve your issue... I use it and seems to work for me... check it out....

NoSquint :: Add-ons for Firefox
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Click & hold, Zoomr.
(Not really automated, as you have to do it on each page you want it to affect.)
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Sorry, I should have mentioned that I have already determined that NoSquint and Zoomr do not work like smart zoom on Safari / Zoomr, and are not usable for smart zoom in their current forms. Also, they both do not appear to be in active development.

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