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Is there a way to stop videos on yahoo from autoplaying? I do not mean that I never want the videos playing, but if I open a video in another tab I do not want it to play until I focus on that tab or press play. There was a post on this but it is so old and outdated that the board closed the topic. Looking to see what is the best, current add-on. Thanks to those who respond.


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Toggle the Pref, media.autoplay.enabled, to 'false'.
See what that might do for you.

Seems that it applies based on a "page" basis.
So if false, & you then play a clip on a page, other clips on the same page will then also play.

Clips opened in a new page (tab) will revert to not autoplaying.

Also looks like the pause/play button may be "out of state" when this is used.
Not a big deal, just odd as it may require a double-click of Play to get it to play.

Also looks like some content may load/cache even if it doesn't play.
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