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So how is it possible for a website to prevent FF from saving a login? I thought FF, quite rightly, stopped honoring "autocomplete=off" from webpages a long time ago.
The only logins I've ever run into that FF wouldn't fill in were on pages that did not identify the field as such; but it could still be filled in the same as ordinary
form fields.


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Yes, when "autocomplete=off" web page coding stopped being honored the situation became a lot better. But I still came across an "updated" website of two that the issue became a problem again. I never took the time to "suss out" the exact cause in those cases; was too easy to just add the login / password data to Firefox via that extension. It may have been related to the "field names"being used, but I never looked into the potential cause in the few case that I saw myself because the occurrence was drastically decreased once the "autocomplete=off" tag started being ignored by Firefox.

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