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Post Posted November 22nd, 2017, 3:05 am

I've read about a technology called "session replay" that uses 3rd party scripts to capture most or all input made by users of a webpage. That includes e.g. text that was pasted, but never sent. It also may include (due to misconfiguration) data such as credit card numbers or passwords. And it can bypass secure connections, if the 3rd party implementation is faulty.
The list of affected websites is pretty impressive, and includes a lot of popular sites.

More information here: https://webtransparency.cs.princeton.ed ... sites.html

My question: Are there features or add-ins that will warn me when I visit a site that uses such a 3rd party extension? Or that will simply cut off these scripts?


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Post Posted November 22nd, 2017, 10:20 am

NoScript (but at present, forever?, the UI doesn't seem feasible to me. Might work for you.)
Likewise uMatrix, I would think (though I am not familiar with it, & it too is beyond me).
I believe it was mentioned that various ad blocking software lists have now added filters for this, so uBlock or Adblock Plus (with the filters in place) would do it, I would think.

You also might want to contact those sites that you visit, that do this to you, & [-X.
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