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Really don't care what it is called, but the menu bar at the top where I added new extensions and as I was adding them, they kept opening more and more until it pushed the address to about the size of an inch or less, you can't open the address bar farther to the right. And you can't put your most important extensions first. Is there some where we can post things like this for Firefox to fix? Now I see why Quantum runs so fast it is just a barebones browser. They just deleted everything. Nothing works 100%, webpages don't load in their entirety, bookmarks doesn't work, now the menu bar doesn't work. Does someone have the number to the oompa loompas to get things corrected.


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Maybe try being polite
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Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

It's still possible to put add-on icons on the menu bar, tab bar, navigation toolbar or bookmarks toolbar.

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In addition to the above mentioned places, there is also the "overflow window". It says "Moore tools..." when you hover it with the mouse, and looks like this: >>. Right click in the default extension bar (or click the menu button) and click "Customize...". Drag that Icon (>>) somewhere you like. Then to put chosen extension icons there, go to "Customize..." again, drag and drop them into the opened popup window.

I use the overflow window for extensions that I rarely or not often use.

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eternal1 thank you, for your polite comment. I think I know what you are talking about, I have been playing around with customize for the last few days. my bookmarks folders have a drop down menu >> and then they drop off. So I am going to try and work with this and see how it works out for me. Then I will go back if not and try what you have said. Thanks again. I see you are a newbee such as me. It is great when you just get a good ole comment.

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