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Discussion of features in Mozilla Firefox

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Post Posted December 12th, 2017, 4:06 am

LoveMyFoxy wrote:I don't remember the orange button. Was it for bookmarks?

Firefox 4.0 had that orange Firefox button "feature". It partially replaced the Menu Bar, with the orange Firefox button that when clicked opened a truncated menu that seemed to lack most of the menu items that I routinely used - to me a waste of space and confusing to remember which menu items were left off it and had to opened from the actual Menu Bar. But back then as now, I used keyboard commands for as much as I could and using the actual Menu Bar only when needed. But I was already hiding the Menu Bar for many years by then, like since Firefox 0.8 or 0.9 with the old long defunct Tiny Menu extension which used a "fish" button (which I learned to swap out via userChrome.css for a different image); and later (like Firefox 2.0 and later) with an offshoot called Compact Menu, which used a round Firefox logo button that was a smaller diameter than the typical Toolbar button which sat on the left-side of the Titlebar; and could be dragged to a Toolbar - I always moved it to the left-side of the Navigation Toolbar next to the "Back" button. I forget now how I did it back then, but I would also hide the Titlebar and the Bookmarks Toolbar, so all that I had to look at of the UI was the Navigation Bar and the Tab Bar to leave more room for the web page content area of the browser window with only those 2 "bars" showing all the time.

Also, with Compact Menu when I clicked the round Firefox logo (or hit the {Alt + M} keys) it would a drop-down vertical menu that only had the labels for the items that would normally be in the Menu Bar. Click on those menu items and hit T to open the Tools menu drop-down and then select (say) O to open the Options menu.
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OK. You have a good memory to go that far back.

I dropped a lot of my space-saving features when I got this 25" monitor. I will never buy or work on one of those little phones unless someone puts a gun to my head.
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No, Firefox have no facility.

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I will never buy or work on one of those little phones

no problems here with 5" and a minimal stylish code. depends on user his standing.
chrome or any other browser are not better. how do you surf on smart phones?
dont tell me you are using some store ;)

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